Announcing the Formation of Revolutionary Action-Tacoma


“We Communists are like seeds and the people are like the soil. Wherever we go, we must unite with the people, take root and blossom among them.”

To be a Communist means to serve the people, to engage with them, understand their lives and struggles, and to fight alongside them for a new world. To not engage the masses of people and bring communism to them, to stay cooped up in our academic circles and our internet forums far away from the class struggle going down just outside, is to turn our back on the people. We, Communists, specifically Marxist Leninist Maoists, do not have time for this phony academic “Communism”, which treats class struggle and revolution as dead concepts made just to entertain the imaginations of gentrified-coffee-shop-dwelling hipsters and privileged academics. The revolution will not be led by these types, who when the time comes will most likely turn against to preserve their privilege. It will be lead by the workers, field hands, and all else who have nothing to lose but their chains. As Mao once said “The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history.”

We, the Tacoma Maoist Collective, understand the necessity of building a fighting Maoist Communist Party in the belly of the beast. It is in light of the understanding that we are proud to announce the formation of our mass organization, Revolutionary Action-Tacoma. Our first priority is to provide the masses with day to day necessities, listen to their ideas, learn from them, fight for and support their struggles, and carry forward the banner of MLM. We plan to first start out with distributing clothing, food, hygiene products, etc. in our free store. Then we will proceed to more complex projects when we have established ourselves among the masses. Some of these projects include literacy/tutoring service, study groups, community/self defense classes, street repair, etc. We also plan to engage with all progressive forces in Tacoma that are waging progressive struggles in the city.



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